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Website 101: Why content is Important

Greeting everyone! The NU here and today I’m gonna talk about a little bit about how you can build a website form a simple idea, that content is important! There are a number of options a person has when it comes to create, writing and designing a full on website. There are different solutions in going about getting starting, all of which I’m gonna share with you.

The most important step in staring the building blocks of your website, before you code, before you design, before you even hit up a domain name; What will it be about? This is a good question and the first thing you need to do. This will not only help you design the look but help you write your content. Which as I talked about with the relaunch of this site, content is king.

Your first step in finding out what you’re gonna have on your website, what it’ll be all about is what do you want to talk about. There are a number of things one can do in starting out. Most people today will hit up Blogger. Which is a solid starting place if you have never had a website before. Maybe you simply don’t want spend any money on it. Whatever your reasons are, that’s a good start and learning how to use it is simple.

Okay, so have know what we want to talk about. We’re gonna write movie reviews. I mean hell I go to the movies every weekend and I love to talk about it with my family and friends. You can simple write that as if you are talking to them. That is another simple way to write content, lets not get ahead of yourself too far. There are over a billion website out there, they are all fighting for traffic and readers. Not all make it and many are ghost towns.

The question becomes, is what I have to write about worth it? The best way to start out that I have found, is to put 110% of your energy, time and money (if you so choose to spend money domains, hosting; etc) is to focus on the content. There are so many different things one can do, SEO, back linking, page element placement, traffic numbers, X visitors per X hour of day, the list of little things you can do to make your site better are in all respect small fires to the bigger picture. Have you ever heard the saying if you build it they will come?

In terms of the web design world, just building it doesn’t mean anything if it as nothing but flash. That is unless your website is about flash. Which is also okay. That comes down to what your site is about. If you’re gonna be writing something, let it being your personal life story, a review or your thoughts about the latest world events; it does not matter. Even if your site is about flash games and you designed them yourself. It comes down to your heart and soul into that content.

So let’s do an overview; still with me? I sure hope so.

Step 1. What is your website going to be about? What is your topic?
I recommend someone who is starting out for the first time or even if you haven’t done it for a while is pick one subject, one topic and stick with it for a time. Remember that your topic is going to shape everything. You don’t want to have a site that’s pink with flowers but you write horror film reviews (which might be scary but you need to judge that yourself)

Step 2. What is my goal?
What is my goal? I want to share my opinions about the movies I watch. I watch a lot of horror movies. I want people to understand them and enjoy them as I do. Seems like a good goal to start off. This will come to the next one.

Step 3. Do I have the passion and drive to do this until I reach my goal?
Simple; can I write what I think? What I want to say, do I have a voice. Can I reach that goal. Your goal is to write horror reviews, but maybe you don’t know how to write a review.

Step 4. Do it!
The last step is simply to do it. You can talk about it with yourself, you can think about it. But until you put your hand to keyboard and start to type.. you wont get anywhere. The best way to start is to open up notepad and start writing your content.

The rest of it will come in time… as I will talk about the basics of once you have your content in mind.. how do I get the world to see it? Do I need SEO? Should I buy hosting and how do I use it? What about a domain name.. what software do I need? Do I need to write my own code? What the heck is HTML? All I’m gonna cover very soon so please keep an eye out for it!

Until next time, thanks for reading and be sure to check out the latest discussions on the community forms.

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