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TSM Accounting Data – July 27 2012

Last week I did a full reset on my TSM Accounting data, mainly the reason I did this was so I could get a clear-cut look at the last seven days of auctions. I also made a few small changes in how I was selling. Right now my two sellers are Shadowolz and Soulcharka.

Below is the TSM Accounting Summary in how much gold I’ve made and spent on Drenden US in the last 7 days.

I was doing a bit of flipping this week and I found someone posting a butt load of cheap Greater Celestial Essence up which I pick up at 20g each. I mean really.. I know they can go for more than that. I’ve put together a small stockpile of them. Nothing crazy, maybe they will sell.. maybe not. If I can sell them for at least 40g I would double my gold back.

So I’m not too worried about it. I’m still looking for a good solid way to export my TSM Accounting data fully and put it into some kind of spreadsheet so that I can look at the data and give some kind of overall list of items I’ve sold this week. If anyone out there knows of such a tool.. please let me know as that I think would be useful to me as well as my readers. It’s one thing to say this will sell for this, it’s another to see the raw data itself.

  • NightmareFH

    Make sure to delete all the data in the box on the right before attempting to export the data:

    Have fun!

  • NightmareFH

    PS: This was created by Consortium poster Margi. All thanks should be directed to him/her. 😀

    • Focushot

      Thanks I tried that but it wouldn’t take my data fine, it was too large being I play the AH on like 4 servers, it was over 1MB large or something. And even when I was able to get a small sample exported.. I have no software to use CSV and not paying for MS Office. That software cost too much for my budget. I haven’t found any free software either sadly.

  • NightmareFH is what I use. It is open source software that includes alternatives to Office, Excel, Powerpoint, Access (database), etc. It can save files in openoffice format or the native microsoft format for easy transitions. Advanced stuff like macros I haven’t looked into much but for the general user it should work well enough.

    As for the file size, I wouldn’t know of that. I know people at the Consortium have been working on an alternative to use in conjuction with TSM, but there hasn’t been a status update since May, and even then it was “It will be done when it’s done.”

    If you find something that works on a large scale, I’d definitely be interested in reading about it in the future!

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