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The Power Word: Gold Podcast – Episode 027 Review

As I’ve talked about before with another podcast called Call To Auction, which I review not too long ago in fact. I must re-track a statement I made in that post stating that there where no other WoW Gold making podcasts out there. Well just as I made the post about a day after it was published, I found out about another pod cast called Power Word Gold.

So as you may guess, I found the website, which you can visit here, I must say not the greatest of looking websites but this isn’t about the web site design, this is about the podcast. Now at the time of writing this the pod cast has been out a few days and I’ve listen to it about 4 times already. One of the things I really enjoy doing is listening to WoW related content while I’m playing, as such either when I’m making gold myself or simply just leveling or farming.

Today I’m gonna be looking at Episode 27, I had planned to do the last episode first but sadly didn’t find the time to write it. So let me first start off with a few things, the show has one central host, named Jim Younkin who is the owner of Power Word Gold itself as well as all things. In a way this guy reminds me of myself and I’ll tell yeah what.. listening to him really gave me a kick in the ass. Pretty much he’s doing what I’ve been doing myself on and off for years but for whatever reason have never found a voice.

Anyways, he’s had different co-host here and their from the older podcasts I’ve listened, but none is my favorite more then Faid who I just started to follow on twitter as well not long ago. She is really an interpretation if there ever was on. I pretty much feel like we do the same things, other that she has a million gold and I run up to 100k and fall back down to 50K every time. Listening to what they talk about gold wise, I’ve been doing this and that. But the two major things they talked about in this podcast was the new Power Word Gold Guide and transmogrification.

I wont spend too much time spoiling the podcast for you but as I posted on their blog post on episode 27, about transmogrification, that is my thoughts about it. As for the gold guide, I have a bit of a split up easiness about it. First off I’m not a fan of buying gold guides. Main reason is it should be free. I sort of get putting it together in some sort of easy format for people to read and search, but that could simply be done for free with Google Ads attached in pairs of 3 per page.

My feeling on it, in the way Jim has gone about it, seems to be the best way, a pay what you want from 1 to 10 dollars. I haven’t personally looked at it yet, and he states that all the information is on the website for free, he had simply put it together in number of formats you can look at offline basically. In the end, I can’t say I recommend the guide, maybe I’ll take a look at it and write a review as well. Seems to be something I’ve enjoy doing more of as of late (Or at least been thinking more about).

If I have to compare this gold making podcast to others, I would say this is the best one I’ve listen too. They talk about Gold Making, they are both clear and easy to understand. They make you laugh, the make you think and you can really feel the energy between the two host and how they connect and bring the information they do. It really puts a fire in your backside and makes you want to get going I’ll say. Be sure to check it out, you wont regret it. I look forward to them doing another one soon and hope they spread their topics out some more. And I know it’s late Jim, but Happy Birthday.

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