Formly know as the Hunter Mastery Podcast, Majin Planet takes over with the all new Majin Cast, right now currently in production.

World of Warcraft

Hunter Mastery Podcast Episode 1

Hello everyone, I really need to thank everyone for all the kind words and feedback you gave me. I need to take the moment to apology for the quality of the sound. The first part of the podcast is rather good in terms of content, I was on a roll but end up having to stop due to some drama at home. I end up feeling rather sick that evening and into most of today and almost didn't even get the podcast done. In fact I was in bed most of the day. … [Read more...]

World of Warcraft

HunterMastery Podcast: Episode Zero

Hello everyone today may be something new for everyone who is a current reader or maybe you're a new reader. I've talked about doing a podcast a few times in the past but I simply never had the drive to do one. Well today marks the end of that. I've released my first podcast! The Hunter Mastery Podcast is going to be something I'm going to hopefully do on a weekly basis. I'm not sure how people will take to it. I've gotten some really good … [Read more...]