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Mists of Pandaria Coming September 25

Since the beta hit, I was working and trying to figure out just when Mist was going to be release. This was important information for me to know because it weight in on many factors in terms of what to stockpile, how much gold I would need and how many mats would be needed. It also counted on time, the time that I would need to get ready.

Well about 3 days ago I finally put out my post in my very own prediction and I didn’t just shoot out and say it was going to be such a such date because that was what I wanted. I gave real hard data, base on past release dates of Cataclysm.

So there you have it Mist of Pandaria hits September 25th.

What can I do to get ready?

You can check out my past post where I talk about stockpiling of items, I have much more to talk about on the subject so stay tuned.

Make Gold now

That doesn’t mean you’re not able to make gold now to build up a stockpile and to have gold ready to go when launch comes.

  • Matt

    Are you still planning on stockpiling pets? I had seen a post that said that you may end up having multiples of the same pets, which you could then cage and sell. If they do that I think there will be a glut of pets on the AH.

    I may end up farming a few of the whelplings and stocking the mats for the craftable ones.

    • Focushot

      Even with the changes, I’m still going to stockpile pets, I think those saying you should get out now are going to be taking a much bigger risk. Even if say they do send back pets you already have once back to you in the mail. I have not seen any blue post saying that was the case. If that is the case, then they have not put that in on Beta. I have copy over all my level 85 toons with all the professions and in my pet window I have a number of copies of pets that I had on more then one toon. They where not mailed back to me. So I’m not even sure where that came from.

      I still think pets will be a cash cow, just like now, people will want pets and new players will come into the game and want to buy pets. You don’t need MoP To do the pet battle. Blizzard said they wont require you to have MoP to take part in pet battles.

  • Matt

    What I should have explained is that if you have 2 characters with the same pet you will end up with 2 in your pet book, you can then cage one of them and sell it. That’s why I think there will be a glut in the first few weeks of Mists.

    • Focushot

      Yes you could be able to do that. Again I’m not sure now whats going to happen. And the problem is I can’t even jump on the PTR and copy characters over to see because for whatever reason Blizzard made it so if your in beta you can’t test PTR. Silly I know. But if they don’t send pets back to you and you you end up having 2 of the same one, see no reason why you couldn’t do that.

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