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Frostheim, Farewell You’ll be Missed

Like every hunter out there, it was about two weeks now and I’m sorry that I just now got around to posting something about it. I’ve really been torn about Frostheim retiring from Warcraft Blogging.

I haven’t spoken with Frostheim for a few years now, back in 2010 I use to be apart of his guild back in the days of Wrath of the Linch King. I had a lot of fun and I was there in the early days of the WHU Guild as well. Even know I sadly didn’t stay around long enough as the last year of Wrath I switched servers and went Horde, I still check out the WHU Guild from time to time.

Inspired by Frostheim

For all that it’s worth, Mastery was inspired by Frostheim and his WHU website. While the focus of that first year of Hunter Mastery was Gold Making and Hunter relate content, I never did believe I could become the next Frostheim or take his plan in the event that he left.

Truth is, when the news hit a few weeks ago that he was retiring from Warcraft blogging, which including podcasting and writing for WOW Insider I thought maybe it was time for me to step up my game.

But it wasn’t met to be as I hardly play the game anymore and I do feel there are many other Hunter Bloggers out there who have a better shot of being the next Frostheim if nothing else the next WHU website. That doesn’t mean the WHU is going away, it’s in good hands as well as the Podcast.

To be honest with Frostheim leaving and focusing on just playing the game now it does feel the final hour of the game is coming. I know people say no it’s not, but the game only had two more expansion packs left before it hits big 100 and I don’t think it will go past that in the current state the game.

Farewell Frostheim, Thanks for everything you did.

  • Liger ZOMBIE (@ayligerwolf)

    Hunting Party Podcast, was my very first wow related podcast i started to listen to about 1 year ago. So much has changed since then, Frost is a blog/podcast retiree, but still plays which is good, and just recently Euripides too has followed his steps but taken it one step further and evenly retired from playing WoW completely, turned over his guild to a guildie, let sub run out, Both will be missed, but also everything goes thru the generation change phase, no one can do the same thing for ever.

    • Richard Arellano

      Yes same here, I’ve been a big fan. While I haven’t been listening in a while I do keep up with the news and it’s really sad that they lost two of their hosts. I do hope that it does’t end up ending. It’s sucks that Call to Auction ended (not 100% sure on that)

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