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Death of a Community

I think it’s really no shocker when those of you who might come by the site would find the ‘community’ link missing or giving a 404 error now. That would be due to the fact the message board is no longer opened. So what happen? How could the forums which where so big back in the day on Majin Planet fail here? The answer to that question is pretty simple and the short answer is, this isn’t Majin Planet.

The long answer is a little bit more, my fault; in fact that’s the best way I can put it. I didn’t put enough time, effort into making the move good for everyone. I would have to say we lost a good 90% of the community by moving, a good number of people who posted on the forums I’m sure where confused as to why. The main goal of the move was to creature one community, a community that now almost 2 years going has yet to come to past.

So what happened really?

Like I stated above, the real issue came when I moved the site and stated the reasons was to save money. At the time, I was finding less and less content and reasons to post on Majin Planet forums as a whole. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but frankly the whole ‘message board’ ideal died out to me. I still enjoy reading, in fact I visit a number of forums still to this day but I don’t post anything.

I think the media has changed and I would prefer to be able to post my little ‘topics’ as a blog and have everyone post comment and create discussion this way then having it just simply fall to the waste side like it end up doing. I really do feel bad about it and I feel like I let down most if not every last member who held out to the end. I think it’s come to past, that Majin Planet is officially dead now, lost as an artifact to a time when the anime community was full of life and webmaster who help each other out.

Is there still hope?

Yes.. there is always hope that one day the community will return. But right now, the traffic to both sites, this one and Majin Planet is pretty low and I don’t see it going up for Majin Planet any time soon. I’ve lost contact with every last music video maker who made a video and most of them if not all of them likely don’t even make anime music videos anymore. I almost feel like that AMV’s have died and come down to what silly take episode to music and call it an AMV has gone to the waste side to YouTube. I think any good AMV’s are now on AnimeMusicVideo.org.

However the case, I do have real fear for Majin Planet that it might have to shut down with the SOPA deal, even know the latest reports state it was put on hold.. doesn’t mean it’s dead. Even with say a new Dragon ball series to come, even Kai last year didn’t do enough for me to breathe life into the site, the horrible movie, the slow dying anime community, my lack of passion really was the nail.. but there is still hope.

There are plans to move Majin Planet into a more simple form they’ll just show the music videos and nothing more. While I like to have information, it can be found on the number of wiki sites or a simply Google search now days.

What’s in store for the future?

Right now I plan on making the final move for Majin Planet into a simple form that will be easy for me to update, as I have no plans for future Music Videos. However that doesn’t mean 100% that it wont happen. We’ll see, I really don’t have the hard drive space for clips now to be honest with you. Right now, as it comes in terms of the community my main goal is to make content again, I have some idea and I’ll hopefully get some real passion going again to write something you’ll enjoy reading.

Please take a moment and leave me a comment, maybe you found something I wrote you like to speak out about? You can always email me or use the contact form. Some times I wonder if people are even able to make comment easy. Do you have trouble making a comment? Maybe you get some sort of error message? A loud spoken community of users can get things done, even if they are small.

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