What is AMV RAW?


AMV Raw is a weekly music video competition that is styled like an online e-fed. There are storylines, matches and characters. Each season there are a number of events, matches and titles. Anyone who”s ever made an anime music can apply for a contract, not everyone will make it on the roster. Each match week, members of Majin Planet can vote on their favorite anime music videos. The storylines changes depending on the voting. AMV Raw is not a real amv contest, there is no entry fees, no prizes at the end, the titles are purely for fun and do not mean anything beyond this site.

amv raw

The birth of AMV Raw: The name AMV Raw is a reference to the professional wrestling promotion; WWE Raw. The name was taken from this due to the fact that the competitions are similar in nature. Every week on WWE Raw there are a series of match-ups between wrestlers for the point of entertainment and seeing who will win… on AMV Raw we do the same. We have a roster of AMV creators, and every week we pair there videos up against each other at random for the point of entertaining you fans and seeing witch video creator is the best.

-Prince Majin Trunks-


How to join the Roster?

Anyone who makes anime music videos, no matter how long you”ve been doing it can apply to be on the roster. No account signup is required. Simple fill out the registration page and your on your way to meet one of the best amv competitions on the net. If you wish to make yourself known, vote and post comments you need to join our web site. It”s simple to do. To get started simple do the following:

  • Some anime music videos
  • Have them showcase on
  • Submit your profile to the roster
  • That”s all it takes, we’ll handle the rest

Signups CLOSED

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