Website Errors

So I was doing some testing on my new design earlier today, trying out some new plugins and something went wrong and the whole site crashed giving me a whole lot of errors. Given today I’ve been super busy I haven’t had enough time to really focus on the website, so for those of you who came by looking for content, very sorry about that. I’ve gotten the website back up at about 80%, everything works but some of the plugins I was using has caused issues with each other I guess after an update.

The truth is, I was using nearly 50 plugins which I’m sure slows the site down big time, and to be honest some of the plugins are just bloat that I don’t need. I’ve been working on building a new website design but doing so on a demo version of the site, that is offline. Hopefully I’ll be able to stream line what plugins I need and what I really don’t need. Once I figure out what I really need I can go about and do a system wide reformat of every post and page, that will take some time, as you might guess there is well over 500 posts and well over 10 pages on Majin Planet.

I’m also thinking about what sort of theme framework I’m using. Honestly I like the framework I’m using, but to get the result I need and like it requires me to have more plugins installed to get those features, this is something that again adds bloat because there are other ways to the results by going another route, such as not using a framework theme. That being said, again very sorry for the downtime the last few days.

Last thing, I’m aware of some content that has come out, news or what not about some things I’d like to cover, but until I get this resolves it makes it hard to write said content. I might try to do some drafts at work tonight on my breaks.

Be sure to share and comment down below if you have any questions, and until next time everyone, keep being evil.


20 Years Ago, The Adventure Began

For some of us all we can do is dream, all we can do is dream of being bigger and better than ourselves. Some of us work hours on end and we become something we’ve only been able to dream about as a child. Some of us however, never reach our dreams, we find them almost impossible to reach as such we give up. Some of us are naturally gifted as I can tell you there are a small hand full of people who started blogger back before it was even called blogging and those people are not just making money, but they are living! As such one’s personal adventure begins.

20 years Ago

May 17th, 1996 was the day, I suppose I could say that was the day my dream sort of started. It was a Friday, I had well off been aware of this World Wide Web, as it was called more so back then than the whole Web or Internet as it’s called today. This is where my own personal adventure started, I was in the library, which my school had computers and only a few of them were connected to the Web and only for researching books, back then there wasn’t as many official sources of content and information as there are today. In fact back then we all had no idea what it was we we’re playing in, a world were you could be anyone and say anything and no one could say anything to you. I suppose you could say we we’re gods back then.

I don’t want to go too much into detail about it here, which you can read all about it more by checking out Rise and Fall: XfireSystems Forever Part 1 and Part 2 as well as checking out the Website History Page which has a full list of every website I’ve had since the start.

20 Years Later

It’s May 17th 2015 and I’ve come a whole long of a ways, I’ve had many ups and downs and there are times within my 20 year history where I had given up, I almost died at one point in my life because I had become so anti-social not just in the real world but online too, totally disappearing and cutting out everyone nearly in my life between 2008 and 2010, it wasn’t until 2011 that I came back to life you could say, moving in 2012 and being on my own, starting a new job and believing that maybe I could have a normal life, have a family and work a 9 to 5 job like the rest of the world does. After all, as an adult that is what you’re suppose to right?

I can tell you a few things, I never really thought I could make money online doing blogging, doing YouTube, Twitch or even all that we have now online to make money. While YouTube is rather new, I believe it started in 2004 and Twitch is even newer, all of these ways a person can money now, vs the old Blogging, having ads on your blog, sponsors and such. Honestly up to about a year ago I didn’t think I could be like some of the others out there who are making money online, paying their bills and getting to do the things they love.

My family is important to me, I love working and I work hard but today the way things are, I could work 40 hours a week and still hardly have enough money near the end of the year to buy Christmas gifts for those I care about. To live and love is something I think we should all take to heart and while I think not everyone can make it online, I myself felt I wouldn’t be able too.

The Dream Lives

20 Years LaterWhy? Well I won’t lie to you, I think my grammar and writing style needs work, this is a result of not doing well in school and just down right giving a shit honestly. Writing has been a way for me to express myself, even with making videos, doing podcasts and livestreaming I’m so serious, such as I feel people are going to judge me and make fun of me. I’m sort of a very emotional person as sad as that is. That is why I’m so nervous when I’m doing it, you’d think after doing it on and off for so long I’d be use to it now.

Yes I’ve tried YouTube a number of times, different channels, different websites, it never worked out for me. I either gave up too soon before people noticed or people did, such as between 2005 and 2007 I’d say where my best years as I ran this website, the forums where active, I had people who supported me, I felt as if I could do this, I could make a living online, the dream the adventure was just starting.. and then well I got sick.. and sort of just stopped caring.

Today marks 20 years from when I opened my first website, for weeks before I had bet my mom to get AOL, so I could use the internet at home, but it was no go, I was able to find a free web building tool online and created my first homepage for myself, it was on that day I decided I wanted to run a website and I’ve dream of it every day. Now today, thanks to you, all of you who follow me on Twitter, to the shares, the likes, the comments, the views all of it helps. I’m so happy and proud to give you content that you can read over and over, to learn from my mistakes so that YOU can make a better tomorrow for yourself.

If you haven’t follow me yet, left a comment, liked or shared any of my content yet, that’s totally alright, as I’ve said for years I’m not out to make money, if I have to work a day job for the rest of my life while I do this, I’m happy with that, with more time and money I know I can do more for you. The biggest reason is I want to be able to donate money to people who are hungry and in need. My girlfriend agrees with me that I should use this power, this draw I have to make others dreams come true and that is the focus now of Majin Planet.

We’re going to be about entertainment, so if you’d like to donate to Majin Planet, you can do so by donating by PayPal to [email protected] All that money will go to Charity, I’ll be announcing which one soon I need to research and make sure the money goes to one that will use the money to help people and not make their pockets bigger. 100% will go to this Charity, not one dim will touch my wallets. The money I get paid by Google, YouTube, Twitch and any other sponsorship I might pick up, will go to helping me live, so that I can create content for people, I think it’s a win win for everyone honestly.

My dream is to work on Majin Planet full-time, this including writing content, reviews, creating videos, music videos, doing live streams, playing games all for a living, 8-10 hour or more days and being home for my family, my girlfriend, hopefully soon once we have the money together we’ll be married. She needs me home to take care of her and honestly working nights (which right now is the only way I can make money for us) is killing us as we never have much time to spend together. So when I do try and work on the site, create content it bothers her and rightfully so as I should be spending that time with her.

That is why I’m doing this and for 20 years now I haven’t really said anything about this day because it was never about me. It was always about the dream, for a long time it was about making my own pockets fat and that is why I failed. But now that I have my own family, things are growing and looking good I understand now what it was always about. So thank you, again thank you to everyone for your support and help.

Thanks everyone, until next time.


Secret Wars Issue #2 (2015)

Following the events of the first issue, Marvel has done something amazing here, destroying the Marvel Universe as we all know it to be, in the following issue, we’re met with the new battle-world, this is where everything is coming to head.  We are met with all new take on everything you thought you believed and loved.

Marvel has taken a great number of things for granted and given us a world that is sure enough going to shock many. While keeping true to roots and being back old and young alike, keeping things very fresh and different with the changes to the characters we’re given. We have for example Thor and his world and ways; we’re given the rules and way of life in the new battle-world which is full of life, unknown that it was nothing more than a grand creation of the two Marvel Universes crashing into each other.

The way the art work is done, I never really felt as if something was off. I didn’t think, when I saw characters like Dr. Strange and seeing him using science and not so much magic, it was tweaked enough to feel new and interesting, but still recognizable. That was one of my biggest issues I felt going into this I was going to have, but it turns out I didn’t feel like Marvel just tossed everything out the window with this.

The hardest thing to do is to take someone, like Thor and write him in a new way where he is a new character and yet still hold to what made him Thor; because if you don’t have that then he’s just some cheap character using the name. Which I’ve seen and it’s ugly to say the least. I’ll admit there where some parts I was a little confused about what was happening, but this simply came more to the point that I haven’t read a Marvel Comic in over ten plus years and all I really know is what I’ve read myself on Wiki Pages, movies and seen in animated TV shows, this only scratches a small part of the much larger Marvel Universe.

Of course as the pages turn and we learn more and more the epic exploring this new world comes to a stand point when reality sets in, coming of the refugees from the old Marvel Universe arrive and the main plot will now unfold, the true story and future of Marvel will come head on now. I simply can’t wait until the next issue.

By far this is the grand story that I’m personally as a fan of Marvel am glad I’m taking the time to get into. I wish I had jump into Civil War back when that was running and there are so many stories I wish I had been reading over the years. I look forward to heading forward with everyone on this new Marvel Universe we’re getting.

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What did you think? Have you picked up Secret Wars Issue #2 yet? Also are your reading in print or using the online app? Tell me what you think in the comments down below and please for those who have not read it yet, don’t post any spoilers. If you would like to talk about spoilers, you are more than welcome to talk about it on the forums.


Secret Wars Issue #1 (2015)

I’ve been a huge comic book fans since I was little, I have some pretty rare comics, some of which I can’t even remember off the top of my head. I recall a few X-Men ones and Web of Spiderman comics I had. But nothing got me more into comics more than with the reboot of Marvel Comics. Some people as I’ve read will tell you this isn’t a reboot, but some will say it’s a restart, taking the best of everything they have done and starting new.

Honestly I haven’t taken the time to read any of the issues that lend up to Secret Wars, but I have taken time over the years and read up on things, after all I’m a huge Marvel fan when it comes to the movies, they are fun and I’m really thrilled to get back into comics. Which is one reason I think Marvel restarting their universe in the comics is great. For myself and many others this will give us a chance to get back into comics or for new people start.

Why you ask? Well because there are so many characters, stories, etc it’s hard to buy it all. After all I thought about picking up the Civil War comics to read them, but to get the whole story, it’s 175 books, and if you take into account each book is $3.99 to $4.99 each. Yeah I can’t afraid that, so I have to pick and choose what issues I read. So with that said, shall we get to the review of Secret Wars Issue #1?

This will be a spoiler fee review, so if you haven’t pick up the issue yet, it’s only $3.99 from Marvel Comic app, which is what I did over buying the printed version. easier to keep a collection like this on my phone than to have them laying around my place.

Basically what is happening, is the originally Marvel Universe 616 verse and the Ultimate verse 1610 are smashing together. The heroes of both worlds becoming aware of what’s going on, enter the battleworld maps where heroes from both verses meet up, some for the first time and battle to the death. There are a number of tie-in comics for each battleworld lending up to the main event happening. The Marvel universe changed for ever, as both verses crashing into each other, basically destroying them both and creating a new, single universe.

The first issue of the event, showcasing mainly the Marvel 616 verse, shows us the ending result of the stories that came before it. The Fantasy Four’s final try to save what little bit of what is left, heading into what will come after. What is amazing here is how well the action, the drama all come together. You really can feel the  tears, the horror and sadness these characters have as everything they have fought for, you have to remember that many of these heroes have families, loved ones and in the result of this that is all gone.

I’ll admit, if you pick up this issue not knowing anything about what is going on, the issue itself doesn’t have a whole lot of information, so honestly you need to at least hit up the wiki page or something to know what is going on. Which can be seen as a down side to the issue itself as the story itself depends so much on knowing what is going on.

The art work is the top of the game, I can’t even rate it because it’s just wonderfully done, the expressions, the background, the art work is some of the best I’ve seen and honestly.  When I think about how the art was years ago, many it’s changed and for the better I think.

Story wise, I can tell you reading issue 1 really messed with me emotionally, it was sad what happen, as I said no spoilers but tear dropper, I didn’t think Marvel would go as far as they have and I’m glad, I hope my favorite characters come out of this alive, it’ll be amazing to see the new world that comes from the two verse coming together. Seeing some of the ultimate versions come together. It’ll be something to see if we get two versions of the same characters.

One of my biggest fears is some characters I love personally might get axed. Such as the issue now with Spider-man. I really love the originally Spider-man, he was one of the heroes I enjoy reading when I was a kid, the movies and watching the animated series. I just as of last year got to know the new Spider-Man in the Ultimate version who is Miles Morales, his story is one of the sadness and most heroic stories that I’ve read in ages. I don’t know, I think both Peter Parker and Miles Morales can co-exist and even so they have once before crossed paths in a story line that saw the 616 Peter being trapped in the 1610 verse once and even they team-up in Spider-Verse story line, which I want to also talk about at another time.


What did you think? Have you picked up Secret Wars Issue #1 yet?  Tell me what you think in the comments down below and please for those who have not read it yet, don’t post any spoilers. If you would like to talk about spoilers, you are more than welcome to talk about it on the forums.


Bring it all together is hard!

I’ll have to admit, the last few weeks have been super hard. I realized now that all my time spent working on this website, and then this website and then doing this and that was really just a waste of time. Focusing on one website seems to be really bring out the light in this website. Posting videos, writing content and fixing down right errors, missing images, etc that should have been done years ago. I’ve been working hard and let me tell you something, I really do feel blessed that so many of you have supported Majin Planet for so many years.

I have so much planned! I’m hoping to get a good bulk of the work I want and need to do today. I have music videos to post, I’ve uploaded all 9 of the past Fight Club Champions, all but one. One of them had the audio muted on me so that video will be uploaded here on Majin Planet only. I have some of my own person music videos I need to upload and its not just uploading, that part is easy, it’s writing the contest, making the media for them that’s hard.

All in all so far things are looking up. I’ve been actively looking for some new writers for Majin Planet. Basically what I’m looking for are people with passion. Someone who can write good content for readers to enjoy and love. Majin Planet has always been a website for the fans. This is something I personally have forgotten about over the years from when I took over. I’ve always been alone, back when I started Xfire Systems back in February 1999 I was doing everything alone. Writing content, doing the marketing, editing, you name it! It was so much work and it’s no wonder I failed at it.

However the case if you want to look at it as a failure or not, I had to be doing something right for Majin Trunks to one day while talking with him on AIM said to me. “Maybe I should just give you Majin Planet” It’s sort of being until that time something that happened. Someone came in and took over making the website better than it was from before. Majin Mebs, Corrupted Avatar, Majin Trunks are all the most known, but let me tell you there where others, some last a few weeks others longer. The point is, in 2008 when I had sort of faded away, focused more on gaming and movies and started Neckar and left Majin Planet has this ghost town I should have in the spirit of what came before me handed Majin Planet off to someone new.

I know now looking back why I didn’t. A whole lot of it has to do with me knowing if I wasn’t doing it, it didn’t get done and the other and this is nothing against anyone part of the community now; I just didn’t see anyone worthy to take over. Granted I wasn’t looking and I did make a promise to Majin Trunks when he handed me the site, as in 2004 the website had so many issues staying online, having a server to call home. I said to him, that no matter what I would keep Majin Planet open and alive. Some how, with all my own personal hardships somehow kept the site online and the bills paid.

Any good blogger knows that you end up spending 100 times more money on your blog than you make and let me tell you over the years I’ve made a small pie from this but I’ve always spent a planet on it as well. That being said, I want to open the doors again, welcome the fans back. Anyone who wants to write content, share something, let it be images, a fan fiction, anything you want to post that is great. Because let me tell you, just because you want to write doesn’t mean it’s going to be good. Trust me I know this! Some of my writing does suck hard and I know it and I’ve gotten better over the years.

So when you submit to me about being a writers, let me tell you this. If you at least put your heart, soul and passion into what you write then you’re someone I want here on Majin Planet. But keep in mind, there are no paychecks here so don’t expect to get rich from it. I would however a promise to you, if I would ever make enough money from Majin Planet and it’s projects (YouTube, Twitch, etc) to quit my day job, you bet your ass you’ll be getting paid too!0