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Happy 4th & Dragon Ball Super July 5th

So if you didn't know already, Dragon Ball Super, the next upcoming Dragon Ball Anime series is set to begin airing in Japan on Fuji TV, July 5th, 2015. I'm sure there are a number of sub groups ready and willing to sub the anime. With the track record of Japanese Dragon Ball anime content being dub rather quickly over in English by Funimation, I'd have no doubt within the next few months or so we'll see some sort of deal happen if it hasn't … [Read more...]


Bring it together

As I've talked about already with Majin Planet of the Future, I've got a clear and direct plan on what I want to bring to the table here at Majin Planet. While it's been a few days since I've written anything and I've been rather quiet on Twitter as well, I'm not disappearing and I know I need to do more updates so that those who support and follow Majin Planet and myself won't be just be left in the dark. A clear direction takes time, effort and … [Read more...]

Majin Vegeta

Majin Planet of the Future

Man I have to say, if you're still checking out Majin Planet today, I'm sure you've been rubbing your head for the last month just wondering what the heck has been going on around here. Let me tell you something, I have a host of stuff I need to talk about and all of its boring site news, updates and overall direction Majin Planet is taking for the rest of 2015 and hopefully beyond. Basically if this sort of stuff is boring to you, then be sure … [Read more...]


Summer Time Blues

Summer time has come and this is the time of the year, June and July when things around here slow down, for some of you this is a blessing due to the updates Majin Planet has had over the last few months. For me the summer time is always an issue. I work a little more due to more people being out and about, meaning more hours for me to get and then family always wants to go out and do things as well. I enjoy going outside these days, going for … [Read more...]


Unrivaled Wars Reborn

Hey everyone, today is sort of a strange subject that some of you reading this might sort of over look and say whatever too. Anyways some of you might be aware and some of you might not be aware, but back from 2002 to about 2008 I use to role play online. For a long while it was Star Wars, as some of you might know I'm a big Star Wars fan. After work today I was talking with a buddy of mine from work about things and we got on the subject of Role … [Read more...]

Web Design

Genesis Framework isn’t for Everyone

I've been using Genesis for a really long time now, about going on a year and I can say Genesis Framework isn't for everyone. Now I do have a few good points on why you should use Genesis Framework and I want to point out some major flaws, some it pricing points, while some good are features. So let's get started with the good things about Genesis Framework. If you have a question about that a Framework is compared to WordPress, the simple answer … [Read more...]


Website Errors

So I was doing some testing on my new design earlier today, trying out some new plugins and something went wrong and the whole site crashed giving me a whole lot of errors. Given today I've been super busy I haven't had enough time to really focus on the website, so for those of you who came by looking for content, very sorry about that. I've gotten the website back up at about 80%, everything works but some of the plugins I was using has caused … [Read more...]


20 Years Ago, The Adventure Began

For some of us all we can do is dream, all we can do is dream of being bigger and better than ourselves. Some of us work hours on end and we become something we've only been able to dream about as a child. Some of us however, never reach our dreams, we find them almost impossible to reach as such we give up. Some of us are naturally gifted as I can tell you there are a small hand full of people who started blogger back before it was even called … [Read more...]


Secret Wars Issue #2 (2015)

Following the events of the first issue, Marvel has done something amazing here, destroying the Marvel Universe as we all know it to be, in the following issue, we’re met with the new battle-world, this is where everything is coming to head.  We are met with all new take on everything you thought you believed and loved. Marvel has taken a great number of things for granted and given us a world that is sure enough going to shock many. While … [Read more...]


Secret Wars Issue #1 (2015)

I've been a huge comic book fans since I was little, I have some pretty rare comics, some of which I can't even remember off the top of my head. I recall a few X-Men ones and Web of Spiderman comics I had. But nothing got me more into comics more than with the reboot of Marvel Comics. Some people as I've read will tell you this isn't a reboot, but some will say it's a restart, taking the best of everything they have done and starting … [Read more...]