My Avengers 2 Thoughts

It’s been a few weeks now since the news broke out all over the web and world that the next Avengers movie is called “The Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron” Now I’m a big Marvel Geek but I’m not that geeky about it to where I haven’t pick up a comic in years, nearly ten to be honest. So even I had to look up this Age Of Ultron deal.

Age Of Ultron

So basically Ultron is an overlord who comes and takes over the world after New York is put into ruins. Sounds like something we already had happen huh? Now don’t get me wrong, I think the idea of Ultron in the Marvel Phase 2 is amazing and sounds really awesome.

The problem I have with this are two things.

1. The first Avengers left us with teasing: Thanos

2. Spider-Man is in the Age of Ultron Storyline

First on the whole Thanos deal. To be honest I was thinking the way they ended The Avengers that the next villain will be Thanos and I was thrilled to see this happened. Now it seems the story is going to be about Ultron. I suppose they could somehow make it where he is working for Thanos and from what I gather he’ll have a role in Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m not too upset about it because they never said that Thanos was going to be in the next one nor did that end credit scene say he was 100%.

The next thing, Spider-Man oh yes our web-head, as we all know has gotten a really awesome reboot called The Amazing Spider-man. Which is doing well and I look forward to Amazing Spider-Man 2 later next summer. The problem with this is, Spider-Man filming rights are owned by Sony right now.

I suppose this is the reason the director has been talking about the studio cross over movies. The problem is money, its always about money because money is the root of all evil. What I don’t get, is if the Spider-Man we have right now in The Amazing Spider-Man showed up even for a few scenes in The Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron, fans would flip out and people would pay to see that.

Heck, don’t they realize they would have all made billions if they had put Spider-Man in The Avengers. Remember when Iron Man fell from the sky at the end and the Hulk saved him? What if that was Spider-Man who had come in and saved Tony and left. Short, it would have been the best promotion EVER for a movie. The Amazing Spider-Man would have tripped it’s numbers easy as people would have flocked to see it just to find out who that guy was who saved Iron Man.

So far there isn’t anything out about the movie other than a leaked plot information and the title and some posters I’ve seen. What do you think? Do you think Sony should get off their high horse and just let them use Spider-man. What about the X-Men? Even know I’m not too solid on the cast choices for them.. heck.. lets keep it all the same actors and just roll with it.

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