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Are Hunters Doomed in 6.0?

This is just a little theory I have about it and it comes from reading MMO Champion and just general wow news that has been coming out since Warlords of Draenor news has been coming out. Why would I think that hunters are doomed and what do I mean by that term?

Well I think that Hunters are going to if not already going to fall to the bottom of the chain in terms of being fixed, such as issues with stables, etc. I could go on with all that is wrong with Hunters but I generally like to go with the flow because honestly I have a small voice and following on twitter so even if I was able to come up and answer every fix that we need and how to do it, no one who has pull within Blizzard would see it (not that I’m able to even pull that off with my limited time).

I’ll get to the point, I’ve noticed less and less hunter news showing up on MMO-Champion about Warlords of Draenor and even just in general news about anything, talents, etc. I’ve seen a few tweets show up here and there about hunter pets and taming but nothing like I use to see. In fact almost every other blue post or tweet was something to do with hunters, let it be talents, pets or damage in pvp and pve.

For me, I believe as sad as this might be that the days of the hunter might have come and gone. With the WHU now officially closed, the website is still opened but the more time that pasts the more the information there becomes outdated. Honestly I saw that coming and it came later than I figure it was just because when I read that Frostheim was ending his time writing about the game both on the WHU and for WOW Insider, that left a massive hole in the community and the WHU.

Arth did an amazing job but let’s be honest here, it’ll take someone with a whole lot of free time to be able to do what Frostheim was doing since the days of Wrath. He was very important to the community but you know maybe he foresaw what I’ve seen coming for over a year now. The game is coming into the final act, I’ve always said that once Warcraft hits a cap of 100 there isn’t much more to go, because going over 100 levels in any RPG game really is just silly. Heck even Pokemon only allows you to go to level 100 when leveling and they are huge.

The WHU and Frostheim had a big impact on the hunter community and without them around there is no one around that is making that splash. I didn’t say this in my good-bye post to Frostheim but I understand why he left from writing. I bet anything, having a personal life, running a massive website with so many followers, playing the game to get data for the website, a podcast, hunter songs, and at one point a guild and the WHU guild, that leaves very little time to just freaking play the game and have fun. I know myself there has been times I just wanted to not worry about writing about it and just play.

Along with the WHU heading out the door, the Hunting Party Podcast also ended at episode 200. Even after Frostheim left the show long with no longer blogging, etc it wasn’t soon after that Euripides, who I myself use to raid with and PVP with in Cata. I was apart of his and Darkbrew’s guild and let me tell you those guys are awesome. After he left however, with Arth and Darkbrew left, and to be honest I think Arth had a hard time keeping up with the WHU and being a host.

I give it to Arth for giving it his all but his day soon came as well along with the WHU final days of being the best hunter resource on the web. With the Hunting Party Podcast ended, all that was really left now is Darkbrew which he’s been going full swing posting about hunters.

Then there is Ghostcrawler who left Blizzard and no longer has any effect on class balance or making things happen like he was able to do. It was really all Frost who was able to get the information out there and get people going to make Blizzard look at us. I think with Ghostcrawler leaving Blizzard it really put a nail in the games coffin. Who knows I could be wrong but I’m not really seeing anyones stepping up to the plate to bat for us and if they are, they haven’t been noticed yet.

So basically that’s what I think, I don’t want to come across in any negative way here about this, I know that it sounds like I’m throwing in the towel as well. No the whole point of this post was to get people thinking, to get people talking. I would love to spend all my time writing about hunters and doing my best to fill those shoes left by Frost, but for me that won’t happen at this time. I’m lucky to write what I’m able to write and I’m just lucky to be playing the game at all if you want the 100% truth.

In truth what matters now is coming together as a community, every little bit helps now, we all have to fill that shoe left by the WHU and all the awesomesauce that followed it. If you’re a hunter and you want to help, start a blog, write once a week you don’t even have to spend any money. You can get a free blog on Blogger or even, hopefully this message gets out there and hunters wont fall to the bottom of the food chain.

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