Rise and Fall: XfireSystems Forever Part 2

Well I have to say that it's been some time from the last article I posted here, I've had a lot on my mind, on top of the fact I haven't been able to get to writing much. So here it is, I have to say this was the dark ages of XfireSystems, some would say what happen near the end of XfireSystems was really dark, but I've always thought to myself that if something had to end, end it write and this first so-called "end" was not what I had in … [Read more...]


Dragonball Kai Buu Saga

Hey everyone I thought I drop a short post about Kai, which as some of you may have read is getting a new season. That's right there will be a Kai version of Kai. The details as of yet are not known but given Kai, I going to guess it's just going to be a new opening and endings. There may be a new song or version of Dragon Soul as well. Buu will be cut down meaning we'll likely not see Goku in the other world, most of Gohan at school, etc. My … [Read more...]

Rise and Fall: XfireSystems Forever Part 1

The start of XfireSystems was an idea that end up never happening. When was getting ready to get my first paid domain name and hosting with Dell Host I had to come up with a cool name. I knew I wanted to use the name XFIRE, but I couldn't get the domain XFIRE because it was on hold by someone. Before I came up with the name, I had come up with others, like XfireDarkness. Finally I went with XfireSystems. Reasons was the site was going to be a … [Read more...]