Perfect Guild Bank Setup

Today's post is going to be rather simple discussion about how to set up a guild bank system. I'm not talking about setting up the guild bank itself. You know going out and getting signatures, buying the tabs, how much is it worth to buy past three tabs, etc. No this is about the ideal way to set up a guild bank base off your setup of characters you're using to make gold. So I'm going to show you the ideal setup I am pushing for and what works … [Read more...]


Limited Time For Gold Making

Sometimes we just don't have the time to do everything we might want to do in the game. Let's face it, real life and I mean life outside of the world of warcraft comes first. It should always be this way, that is why it's rather important to have a good set-up so you can quickly post your actions and then move on with your daily life. What to do? The best thing to do is come up with a system that works for you. Remember that not everyone is the … [Read more...]


Hunter’s in Patch 5.0

With all the changes that we got for hunters in patch 5.0.4, let alone the changes to talents, the new glyphs but we also got some new stat changes. Right now I would have to say that Beast Mastery is the best spec for PVP right now, but then again now that we can choose any pet spec and make our spirit beasts cunning, I think it gives the spec more to do. This is a good thing and a bad thing. A good thing in that it keeps some players away from … [Read more...]


MoP Inscription Roundup

It's been a good week now and I'm sure everyone has made a killing off inscription now. The new glyph system is full in and I'll have to say, that even myself personally not really looking at what glyphs has had crafted for myself vs what was going away before I shutdown everything 2 weeks ago left me with only a few items turning grey. What turn Grey? Well for starters we all knew relics where going away and I sadly was stuck with only 2 that … [Read more...]


Two Months: Hunter Project Update

The truth is, I didn't get down to what I wanted to get done in time for Patch 5.0 Launch like I had hope so, but you know there are things that just happen. Change is a part of everything and this was no different. I could have just stay with the main set of alts that I had, played just one hunter and been happy with it. But I wanted to try something different, that was the whole basis of the site. Over the last two months I've been working … [Read more...]