All Majin Mebs AMV’s Online

It took a little bit of time, but I was able to get up all of MajinMebs (the founder of Majin Planet) AMV's all back online for everyone to view. They are all being hosted right now by YouTube and so far all the videos but one have been blocked. The one video blocked was only block in one country which isn't too bad. In fact I have doubts I get traffic from there. In any event you can search MajinMebs or you can view his author page to view … [Read more...]


Majin Planet 2012 Relaunch

Welcome back in live action Majin Planet! You may be asking right now.. what changed.. looks the same to me.. well there have been some changes in terms of how the site is run. Majin Planet now runs off Wordpress back-end now, which makes the site faster and easier to update and control from my end. For you well it means less bugs. I decided to keep the same design, simply because out of all the layouts I've had over the years, this was the one I … [Read more...]

Web Design

Rebuilding a Community

I sort of am flip on this topic and I’m sure this wont be the last time I’ll write something like this. Over the week I ran across someone who decided it was a great idea to take what they had created and restart it as something else. Now I’m not here to name names, and I’m using it simply as an example of what I want to talk about today, that is simply rebuilding a community. This can go hand in hand in what I saw happen to a site that I … [Read more...]


RoboCop Reboot?!

Well I don’t think I’m shocked to be perfectly honest with you, it seems that Hollywood’s likes to make movies they’ve already made. Call it lack of new talent, and I don’t mean the actors or actress, I mean the writers, the people who come up with the stories. You might stop and wonder.. maybe we’ve already made everything there is to be made?? Maybe people are so bored of movies now that come out now a days.. well I think in some ways it’s … [Read more...]


Avengers Assemble (2012)

Back in early February I talked about The Avengers movie, when they released the Super Bowl Ad, which I thought was really cool and well done. A few days ago, the final full trailer for the movie hit the internet and I must say I am now super pump for this movie. I could go into so many things that just made me go super wow watching it. First off, the Hulk; I have to say FINAL they got the hulk right. Sure I’m going to toss out there people may … [Read more...]