Majin Planet’s Rise and Fall… and Rise

Majin Planet is one of those anime music video fan pages that has been around since December 13th 1999, started by the former webmaster Majin Mebs. Back then the website was about two things, Dragon Ball Fan fiction and Music Videos. There is a long history with that and one of the biggest sources of drawing in the fans has been I don’t give a crap what you think idea. An evil SOB so to speak.

Back in 2005, the current then webmaster Majin Trunks, decided that I was gonna be the best person to take over running the website. You see Majin Planet had always had this history up to that point of going from one webmaster to the next. The site would go down due to hosting issues and then come back up. It was even released with as new site a few times.

Here I was, taking on the helm of this mega website, I mean the fan base where hardcore, they care about, loved to hate the site. I found that early on I was really looked down on because of the choices and way I ran the site. Which I understand, how would I feel? You know? One thing I always promised Majin Trunks was, that if he ever felt I wasn’t doing the site right he could come take it back. As you can guess that idea got harder and harder for me to really do the longer I had it, and the more I felt like Majin Planet became my site. The site I wish I always had from the start when I started in February of 1999.

Such ideals and wants is what lead to what was sort of mis-fire on my part a year ago when I mistaken him on a public forum for wanting to be apart of the site over what I mis-read as “wanting it back” which lead to a few screw ups on my part. Hey you know it happens, people don’t get enough sleep, are stressed out and it’s never a good thing.

In any case all is fine, and I made a promise to myself, the fans and to him that I was gonna bring the site back to the core that it was, Music Videos and revamp the site in the image over the next few months.. here it is a year later and as you can see, the same site still exist and it’s dead. The traffic still comes in some what, but the forums which I moved no longer are active, the emails really don’t come in anymore.. so what to do?

Majin Planet is Dead…


Is it still alive?

It’s still alive people, and that whats this little post is about, the development of the new site. Which at this moment I will not make any promises that oh yeah sure I can get it done finally by December 13th of this year. No, what I will promise you that I will put all other projects I have on hold, even development of this site to get Majin Planet back full force into the Neckar Unrivaled Network, not as just another sub-site, but as a massive website. Which is the idea. The network ideal is simply something to help me go from one site to the other in the admin panel nothing more. Each site are and will be treated as if they are all on different hosting servers.


Nothing is forever; Why I closed my website

You may have noticed if your one of the few lucky ones or maybe unlucky to see my website Warcraft Focus Center and ask yourself. “What happen?” Well that’s a good question and it comes down to why I end up closing any website, lack of time, drive and need.

I started the website as sort of way to break Warcraft from my main site here. I was kind of feeling like I was turning this blog into that, which is not what I wanted. I think any blogger out there will tell you, pick on subject and stick to it. Well I like to start about more than just a few subjects. Does that mean I shouldn’t just pick one of them and let the other posts I have go away into nothing? No.

Tell me what you think? Do you think it was a good idea to make this site about so many subjects? Form posting my fan fiction stories about Unrivaled Wars, from posting reviews to post like this. Gaming? Movies? TV? So much.. where to go?
Being lost at Sea

I have a feeling a great number of my readers or those who simply come by and check out whats this site’s about are lost. The name itself doesn’t speak anything to them. Neckar Unrivaled. What does it mean? I know.. I’ve had this question come up and I’ve ignored it. I’ll come out and tell you what Neckar Unrivaled means, and why I pick it for this site’s name.

The idea of the site was about the things I am about. Neckar Unrivaled is a character I made up, for my fan fiction Unrivaled Wars. I know you might find it silly, it’s not my work. It’s a fan fiction. Combing many stories and characters into something that is new and different. To tell a story for the most part. Maybe I’m just not clear, but I’m not a one subject person. I have many passions and things I want to do.

Perhaps this is why I’ve never had a really popular website other than Majin Planet. It was about one thing, Anime Music videos, it did have junk, like the information sections, the contests (not really junk) but it was about music videos. This on itself I believe is why it was such a big website a website I sort of killed without really meaning too.
Does this mean I’m done?

No, I’m still gonna keep making my content and making my post. I’m not going to just stop because I’m not getting the comments, I’m not getting the views I think I should get. Funny thing is maybe my content is getting just what it should get. Something to think about. This is the reason, the reason I closed that website.

Feeling like I needed to fill a hole that was missing, turns out that I really don’t care as much as I wanted to think I did. Which is fine, that happens sometimes and it’s better to just cut my losses then to try to stress myself out. The one tip I can give you about blogger or just writing in general, if its way too hard to write something then you more than likely shouldn’t.

Where does this leave us? Let me know in the comment’s below, I liked to know if you think closing the site before giving it a chance was a good idea. I also like to know what you think of this website. Are you just confused? Lost or what? I like to know any feedback is welcome.


The Dark Knight Rises Early Thoughts

So what do you think of the The Dark Knight Rises? Well not much I would think, given the movie isn’t even out yet. But I’ve learned a six-minute prologue of footage is gonna be shown long with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol in IMAX theaters on December 16, the film’s released everywhere else on the 21st.

Personally I’m not really sure how I feel about the prologue being played so early like this. Just like with most of the Marvel movies, releasing a number of clips, trailers and footage that does give away a lot of stuff that personally wouldn’t you want to wait for? Yes, you can choose not to watch them, but you hear about it.. it’s almost impossible these days to make any high-profile movie without any secret to them.

The next summer I look forward too, way more than I did this last summer movie season. With The Dark Knight Rises, Spider-man and the Avengers coming, we have much to look forward too that is for sure. No matter how good the Avengers is gonna be, we know we’re gonna have more Iron Man, more Thor, more Captain America… but Batman? Yeah it’s gonna be a Marvel vs DC summer.. but Super-man isn’t coming until 2013 I heard?

Can’t get any sexier

With Batman, the new series that kicked off in 2005 with Batman Begins directed by Christopher Nolan. I think it’s safe to say that after the Dark Knight, Rises is gonna be epic to a scale I don’t think we’re ready for. That is not saying I’m a Christopher Nolan fan-boy. I’m not one of those types of people who simply go nuts and eat anything he puts out. I just happen to look at the Batman movies as being really well done. Almost not even comic book movies.

That’s likely the main difference, Batman feels like a good movie, it doesn’t come off as stupid and even know I mean come on.. a guy dress like a bat fight crime.. sound silly and stupid. But the world of Batman that Christopher Nolan and his team made.. it works.

So what does that leave us? Well there are rumors of Catwoman, and a number of other characters from Batman’s Rogue Gallery that might make it into the movie. Given that Christopher Nolan himself has said this is his very last one for Batman. Which pretty much means that if they do a 4th.. well don’t please!

With that said what am I looking forward to and my thoughts about The Dark Knight Rises?

  • There are gonna be a crap load of ‘jokes’ on TV that are gonna make me giggle
  • Batman looks like he gets his butt handed to him.. maybe even close to death?
  • There are gonna be more than one bad guy again and hopefully some classics
  • I’m not looking forward to seeing Joker.. even if it’s a shadow of him. just let it be
  • Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle.. mm I think we all agree she’s really pretty
  • Tom Hardy as Bane FINALLY he looks bad-ass and not stupid like he was in Batman & Robin

Personally I think the biggest thing I’m looking forward to is gonna be seeing Bane and how Batman is gonna deal with him. This isn’t gonna be just some grunt who does nothing but being all big and buff, to only be pushes to the side. There are rumors that Robin might be hinted, but this is mostly just forum comments and nothing news wise so I doubt it. But in the end it comes down your opinion.

What do you think? What are your thoughts so far on how the Last Batman movie (done by Christopher Nolan) is gonna shape up? Do you plan to see it? Let me know in the comments below.


Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)

The question comes up to me many times when I discuss the issue with friends and family. Do horror films really scare people? The question came up again when I saw Paranormal Activity 3 just the other day. On a personal level I’ll come right out and tell you that Paranormal Activity 3 is NOT as good as the first two. I find the second one to be the solid movie as far as ‘story’ goes.

The movie focus is Katie and Kristi, and unlike the first two films they are kids revealing to us what happen to lead to the events of the 2nd film. We’re given their mother who is pretty much very skeptical that anything is going on. Their father, or step-father who looks rather close to Micah from the first film, is a videographer. They go into what would be the series first sex scene is cut short when an earthquake erupts. Later Dennis discovers that there was an invisible figure there when finds it emerging from dust.

Just like the other films, this event naturally leads him keep recording and changing tapes every six hours. That is until the first night he sees Kristi get out of bed and speak to someone off camera, discovering that this invisible friend is named Tobi. This leads us down a path of a series of events of night video clips of Kristi speaking to someone at night, getting up and moving around and even at one point standing at the door to his mother and step-fathers room for nearly 3 hours before going back to bed.

The film in my opinion does a rather poor job in giving us the feeling that this invisible friend means no harm, that is until things get real. Watching I found myself almost chuckling and waiting for something to happen and what happens is nothing but small pauses and nothing short to be scared about. The film always seems to cut us short in explaining any information the father discovers about whats going. In a nutshell, Paranormal Activity 3 is mostly what you would expect out of the first two, just a lot less of it.

There was only a few sense that stood apart and did and in all account bring some sort of tension; this was when the demon stop being the nice little Tobi and started to attack the little girls. Such as picking her up by her hair and more or less off-screen trashing her a bit. All we learn form the movie is that he wants something and wants Kristi to do it as Katie teases her a few times about it. The tension building in this one was lacking and I did find myself watching the time now and then. Which is pretty sad given I watches the first two and came away with hopes that I loved this one as well; simply not the case.

Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t a bad film. The some good reviews and the amount of money that its made clearly shows it’s a strong film.. but for someone who was hoping for some sort of closure I got nothing. I really wouldn’t want to go into too much detail or over talk about the ending and the plot itself and how it fits into the overall picture. This is after all a prequel to the first two, taking place when they are little girls. The only real complains I have is that they had to have cut an hour of this movie out as there was a number of really down right scary scenes in the trailers that where not in the movie at all, like the house burning down. Something that I feel was a key event that we didn’t get to see. Another issue I had been that this one really gives us no reason about how we’re seeing these tapes. Like the first two the videos were found upon finding the bodies, this one pretty much doesn’t give us anything and the ending sort of leaves you wondering.

Finally, do I recommend Paranormal Activity 3? Yes and No. If you can look past it’s flaws (which they all have) and enjoy it and let yourself get suck into it, then yes I would check it out. But if your like me and found yourself sort of scratching your head with a huh look you may want to wait for it to hit DVD to rent and check it out. Maybe we’ll get a directors cut with that missing footage to fill the holes. While I might have sounded like I dislike the movie, I don’t I simply can’t go on about how this is the BEST of the series. To me that would be Paranormal Activity 2, which may be being if you look at this as a whole, Paranormal Activity 2 is the ending; aka the demon gets what he wants finally.

Web Design

Out with the Junk; In with the New

It’s been a really messy ride the last month and if not longer than that when its come down to how this sites gonna be, what things I want and what things I should have. First thing and likely the biggest mistake I made was breaking the site up. Yeah.. I gave it a good try to do the whole WordPress Network deal. It sounded cool, on paper and I suppose if you had a number of writers and many different viewers coming and going it makes sense.

However in terms of what I had going it did not; I lost track of what was important and that was something I’ve talk about a lot; CONTENT is KING.

With that said, I’m going back to basics and as you can see compared to the way the site was before its much cleaner, all the graphics junk was taken out. It really just an eye sore and really takes away from what I’m about and this site. I could very easy make a really beautiful looking website. You will also noticed that most of the content is now gone. Most of it was junk too; old post from the Majin Planet Blog, the countless other fail blogs I tried as well as content written by members of the old XfireSystems website. I wonder why those sites failed; this is why.. new name, new server, new look same junk. No more, its GONE!

What you see now is a few hand-picked post that I thought I put some effort into and really wanted to keep them. I moved the post around to make the site look younger than it really is. I removed all the junk information you don’t care about. I mean do you care that the site has been around since 2008? No you don’t nor do you care for tags.. that’s what the search feature is for.

So what is the goal now?

Neckar’s goal is to bring you the most unrivaled content from the most bliss and unrivaled point of view. I want to give you what you want, not flash and thunder but content that you can enjoy to read. The unrivaled mission to be the best and have no rival.

That is our goal and mission statement. I tend to say the words ‘us’ or ‘our’ a lot when I write and in the site’s content. Let it be know there are no other hands behind the sense working. Everything you see form the layout, the coding changes and content itself is myself The NU. I hope that you enjoy the new layout, the new look and will get all the bugs and issues worked out. I will be testing new plugins so if the site breaks it should be back online quickly.