Doom (2005), Hell is Unleashed

Finally a video game movie done right, well at least done to a point where it be better than the rest of them, a very close second would be Mortal Kombat. Ignore what the critics way, who really don’t know what they’re talking about as they are complaining about things that this movie was never met to bring to the table. Lets face it anyone who has ever played the video game for more than 20 plus hours will know that this is nothing more than just shoot, shoot and shoot some more. The problem is many critics expect top-notch acting from a video game adaptation, character development from people who are just going to die if not immediately and a plot that is well, unique.

There has been some really bad attempts at making video game to movie adaptations. Doom doesn’t this the best by being origin to the game. The game makers, iD software was involved into the movie on many levels. I really think the director, Andrzej Bartkowiak did the best he could with the movie. As we come down to character development its much more of here they are now lets move on. Their leader is Sarge (The Rock), and their members include Reaper (Karl Urban), Destroyer (Deobia Oparei), Mac (Yao Chin), Goat (Ben Daniels), Duke (Razaaq Adoti), Portman (Richard Brake) and The Kid (Al Weaver). Basically that is all we get out them, as threw out the movie we get to know more about them.

Clearly this is not going to be a movie of the year or maybe not even win anything. However for those of you who love the game will love this movie and will have a good time with it. On Mars, we see terrified humans running from an unseen threat. Dr. Carmack (Robert Russell) closes an automatic steel door on a young woman whose arm is well relocated from her body. Later he spends a lot of time huddled in the corner vibrating and whimpering. We meet Samantha Grimm (Rosamund Pike), sister of Reaper (aka John Grimm). She is an anthropologist at the station, and has reconstructed a complete skeleton of a humanoid Martian woman huddled protectively over her child. The most story we get from this is a little history but still we are really left in the dark about it.

The original Martians were not merely humanoid, Dr. Grimm speculates, but super-human: They bio-engineered a 24th chromosome. We as humans only have 23 chromosomes. The extra chromosome made them super smart, super strong, super fast, and super quick to heal. But it turned some of them into monsters, which is presumably why the others built the portal to earth. They never say it, but if your smart they basically say they are us, however I can see why they left the 24th chromosome behind.

Other then all the chromosome stuff, Dr. Grimm says at another point, “Ten percent of the human genome has not yet been mapped. Some say it’s the soul.” Now I’m no scientist, but after doing some research online about it I found out that The Human Genome Project was completed in 2003, well I know this is a movie and all but being that this movie takes place in the future of our time, don’t you think it would have been finished by then? I mean something you would think a scientist like Dr. Grimm should know.

One of the things that really bug me was the fact where on mars now and well we never get to see mars other than the start of the film and the rest are well just some shots of the Research Station. You would think a movie like this would be loaded with CGI effects however it’s not. In fact out of all the creatures in the movie only one was CGI, I’ll let you guess to which one. The rests are some very good creature costumes.

Now let’s get to the back bone of the film, the first person shooter scenes. This one element really pulled me into the movie and really one of the reasons I went to see this film. Many times in the film we run into time where we would think they switch to a FPS scene. However they save it for the last 20 minutes of the film which really took a 360 turn from the rest of the film. Not to give away the ending of the film (if you call it an ending) but our main guy goes into FPS mode and really even know we only get about 5 to 6 minutes of it, it was well worth the wait.

Overall Doom is one of action, there isn’t much story or character related stuff to the film, it gets away with this will some good humor, great action, big cool guns and a great first person shooter scene. The Rock really has move up in this roles and does a great job with role as Sarge. Even if you’re not a fan of the game, I think you will have fun watching this film. A good hour and half movie of action and well more action shooting monsters with big overpowered weapons and some cool monsters. I recommend that you head out to the theaters and see Doom at least once on the big screen.


Bruce Almighty (2003)

“It’s good, it’s GOOD!” Yes that’s right, this movie is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen,. Staring Jim Carry, Jennifer Aniston and Morgan Freeman in this hit comedy from Universal. Not all doesn’t this movie one of Jim Carry’s better films it’s all around a good movie. Bruce Almighty is rated PG-13 and has all around good special effects when need. The plot is very good and the funny factor is out of this world.

Bruce Almighty starts off with Bruce and man in his late 30′s working for WKBW still pushing the lesser side of the news. Hist dreams of hitting it big as a news anchor but it seems everyone (including god) are pushing him down. Bruce rants about how god is picking on him so much that he ends up losing his everything all in one day. Finally someone has had it, GOD (played by Morgan Freeman) calls forth Bruce and give him all his power and challenges him to take on the big job to see if he can do it any better.

I can’t see anyone else playing in this movie. Overall it was just down right funny. I had to see the movie 3 times just to get it all in due to me laughing so hard and missing the next few scenes. One big hitting scene was when Bruce was at a cook off and a meter hits just outside it. That scene was the best as you if just looked at his face when it happen. “What if god was one of us..” The lines given by the actors where right on and for me this movie has become one of my weekly watches just because. If you own the DVD you get to see the deleted scenes which are just great. If the movie itself wasn’t what you need then the outtakes, OMG so good. Freemen did a good job with his role too. I mean the jokes and puns were done it was just overall dam good and yes it was gooood.

If you want to stop and cut the jokes and move on to the real story we can for a sec. Jim Carry and Jennifer Aniston work very well together. In fact I can see them teaming up on other projects in the near future. It was over all very good how each show their characters and how they change through the story to the end. Morgan Freeman did a dam good job in his role. He was right to the point and was still funny as he is very good at doing that in movies. Lets not forget the people behind the scene now. They did a great job with this movie. Tom Shadyac did a great job as well as the script writers and the people working on the sets and make up. I would have to say the DVD cover is created as hell. The Earth as a yo-yo (HA HA).

If you follow the movie from start to finish you will understand it all and well its a good script. It stars off very good showing you why Bruce is in the spot he’s in and the way the jokes flow with the story and it moves on to the next scene. I for one didn’t find a moment where I would want to skip to fall asleep. The whole god thing may get some people up in arms and I’m sure it did. But don’t forget that his is a movie and not real life. It’s met to entertain us and give us a good life outside of our own problems. I’m sure many people can understand the story and even believe what’s going on the scene. I for one had a blast with it.

There was only a few things in the story that just didn’t work out for me and well was just them going over the top. The whole finding the body which all the records and the weed with CH 5. It was just over the top but was very funny. (Spoiler here) Near the end when he got hit by the truck, sorry but he would be dead like run over dead not just hit and fly a few feet. Even know this movie is about god giving his power to another, I don’t know maybe because he had god’s powers that it protected him some. The movie came across as a down to earth movie and I thought that whole scene was just over the top too. The one thing I thought they messed up on was the end when you had Bruce is the hospital bed and he was holding Jennifer Aniston and you see the pray beads in his hand and then the next scene they appear there. Which if you watch it he had them in his hand from the start. Not a big deal but that’s what I look for in movies (being picky too).

Not to many in this movie. The way they were done as I think the editing team did a dam good job as in movie movies where CGI editing is added in they darken the screen to where its hard to see whats really going on to cover up the mistakes they made. Not int his movie. The best parts that I loved where the 7 fingers and the pulling of the moon. What most people forget now days that special effects don’t just mean CGI and computer graphics. No there are many non computer and just out right old style camera tricks in this movie. The dog going to the bath room was funny as hell and I’m still not sure if they got the god to do that or if they used some kind of CGI and well I don’t care as it was funny.

Over all I loved this movie. There wasn’t much that I hated in this movie so giving it a 5 out of 5 isn’t that far fetch if you have seen this film. The cast did a great job telling the story, the special effects where just out right good and made you believe it was real. The action in this movie was good, which keeps you wanting to know what happens next and the outtakes just rocked. Call me crazy but this movie was one of the best Jim Carry movies I have ever seen to date.


Spaceballs (1987)

No Light speed is too slow, we need to go Ludicrous speed! And that’s just how this movie did. It was super funny and one of the best parody films I have ever seen. I have seen some good ones, like HotShots, Robin Rood Men in Tights and Scary Movie. But out of all of them, this was the first one. It made fun of everything from Star Wars’s Dark Vader with Dark Helmet to Han Solo/Luke with Lone Starr, to the film Alien, The Wizard of Oz, Rambo, and Planet of the Apes. All around a great film and I was happy to tell you all about it here. Some of the funniest things where just simple things like naming everything Mr. Like Mr. Radar, Mr. Coffee, even on the DVD with Mr. DVD.

If there is anything I love more than a super star cast then a film with a super star cast before they were stars. Now many may not know that the stars of Spaceballs where not as well know as they where after the film was release. Starting Bill Pullman, John Candy, Daphne, Rick Moranis and Mel Brooks. This has to be the best parody movie I have ever seen. There has been some good ones but this the best and the cast did a super job making me laugh and making fun of everything in a very good way. The mind behind it this master piece, Mel Brooks who also was in the film as being a comic book genius; he’s a good actor. I have to say out of everything for it was Rick Moranis who played Dark Helmet who stole the show. That has to be the best parody of Darth Vader I have ever seen. He was really funny and the super size helmet he had on was great and you have to love the fact every time he pulled the front part over his face his voice got dark and evil. The perfect cast for a perfect movie.

Can we even call any of this special effects? Yes we can and it was great. The bulk of the film was Star Wars/Star Trek so where going to see a lot of effects from those two movies. Most of the backgrounds, areas was from star wars while some of the puns where from Star Trek. One of the funniest things and I have to say the biggest special effects in the film was when Spaceball 1 turn’s into Mega Maid, which that on its own it stupid and funny at the same time. One of the puns we had been that on the force with the Schwartz. Which is like the force yet it can be its own light saber in the form of a ring. Very colorful and fun for the whole family and perfect if you’re looking for something different.

What can I say about it. The basic story is that the Spaceballs want clear air for their planet. Princess Vespa is taken after she runs away to be use so they can get the clean air. Lone Starr and Barf are hired to save her. On the way they run into may problems and even met the wise Yogurt who teaches Lone Starr the Schwartz. Finally with a great battle between Lone Star and Dark Helmet. A great script I have to say and I enjoy watching it all the time. I have to say the best line in the whole film was the one made by Dark Helmet: “Lone Star Before we face you must know something, I am your fathers brothers, nephew, cousins former room-mate.” I love that line.

I have to say that it was done very well. There was a few things that where a little cheap on. Most of that had to been due to the money they had to work with. They had some really good parts where they came up with some really good scenes and I have to say if you’re a fan of either Star Wars or Star Trek you’ll love this film. The best part done I thing was at the end at the Space Port. When the group of space travelers and one of them has a small alien bust out of his chest and what really made it funny was his line. “Oh now, not again..” Then the little alien does a signing number like the fog on the WB.

The film was release in 1987 so I don’t really remember how well the film went in the theaters or how the fans took it as well I was too lazy to look it up. Anyway from everyone I talk to about the film they love it. So I have to say the fans took it very good. Its kind too bad they never made a 2nd one which I think was named best by Yogurt, “Spaceballs 2 The Search for more Money.”

In the end I have to say that I love watching this film. The one thing that gets me down about the film is that there will never be a 2nd one, at least not what we would want to see. One of the stars John Candy died in 1997 I believe. I can’t remember what year, all I know is he died while filming a movie which is very sad as he was a great actor. Some of the other actors are some what big now and not sure if they ever would do another one. Back to this film, I have to say if you have not seen this movie, where have you been? Under a rock? Get out to the video store and rent this movie. These day people are more into renting movies but I would have to recommend this movie to buy as it would be a great add-on to your video library.


Dragon Ball GT: Black-Star Dragonball Saga

Dragonball GT stands for Dragonball Grand Tour. The time setting is 10 year after the end of Dragonball Z. The story begins with Goku training Uub up top of Kami’s Lookout. While training The Evil Emperor Pilaf has located the mysterious Black Star Dragon Balls! Goku as always tries to stop him, take in mind some how Emperor Pilaf finds his way to the Lookout and finds the black star Dragonballs Anyway, while Emperor Pilaf summons the dragon, in which Goku has no idea this has happen, and while talking to Emperor Pilaf, he gets wished back until a 5-year-old kid. Now Goku must find the Dragon Balls with in one year or the Earth will blow up. No big deal right? This time, the Dragon Balls are all over the universe.

History of the Black Star Dragon Balls: Sometime before Dragonball starts (centuries in fact) The unknown namek comes to Earth, while there he tries to be come Kami (God of Earth). Deep with inside him he has a reason to create Dragon Balls (as namek’s have this power) So he does, the result are the black star Dragon Balls These balls where very powerful, when he was training to be the next kami, the kami before him told him before he can become kami he must get rid of his evil self. Doing so the unknown Namek, splits into King Piccolo and Kami. King Piccolo is seal up, and Kami takes the Dragon Balls (which are now inactive and don’t work) to a safe place and hides them. He than created a new set which where as powerful. Later, which the evil Cell was on Earth, Piccolo (the rebirth of King Piccolo) Refuses with Kami to form the unknown namek once again, doing so reactivate the black star dragon balls. Then years later in GT, Emperor Pilaf finds them and uses them.

Ok so now you have an idea on where these Dragon Balls came from, and why they are so powerful. So the story begins with Goku, Trunks and Pan traveling around finding these Dragon Balls In classic dragon ball fashion, the basic elements of the series are much like the first one. Not much fighting takes place in the beginning. Goku, Trunks and Pan find themselves on planet Amiga. Which is rules by the Don Kea. On this planet everything is rented out. While there they lose the Dragon Radar which a robot eats. After a quick fight with Don Kea’s bodyguard Ledgic, they escape however they are now fugitives of planet Amiga.

Now we see the first real fight of the series. Goku ends up fighting Ledgic, however he is no match for Goku. Taken in mind that Goku is only a 5 year kid here, but he kept his power. That’s one strong little guy. Also as for plot holes go, if you watch Dragonball you will remember that Goku is noted to be 11 years old in the beginning. However in GT he is only 5 yet taller than when he was 13. Makes no sense. Just wanted to point that out. OK after Kedigc gets his butt kick from one end to the other, Do Kea stops his renting system. The robot ends up merging with the radar so they take him along. They name the Robot Guru.

After a few dragon ball hunts in 3 episodes that are well a real waste of time as nothing really happens other than anything crazy. Near a point one of the Dragon Balls are stolen and Goku and the gang end down to planet Beelay home of the dangerous Doma. Goku ends up battle Doma, which he beats (Go figure). Don Para returns with his brother and they do some stupid dance attack, which does nothing more than make other dance. In which Goku and Trunks beat them. While this went on Pan and Guru are on Paras’ Ship which ends up going to planet Lude. Which Pan heads to Mutchy-Motchy’s temple, she is turn into a doll. When Goku and Trunks arrive, they kick Mutchy-Motchy’s butt.

Now here is where things get pointless. Mutchy-Motchy does some transformation which turns his whip into the Head Priest. While the battle goes on, the founder of the Lude cult shows up, his name is Doltucky. In the middle of the fight, he take Pan (who’s a doll) and uses it to bring the doll-powered robot Lude to life. Trunks kills Mutchy.

Now some people will take out of the GT this was the best fight. Well I would have to disagree with that. As most of this is just pointless. Lude fight Goku and Trunks, while this is going on someone by the name Dr. Myuu tells Doltucky to sacrifice Pan to Lude in order to give him more power. He refuses to do it, then he’s turn into a doll and Lude absorbs them both. Now that Lude is at his full power (Folks please taken in mind that Goku and Trunks haven’t even gone past Super Saiyan at this point. Taken how Trunks may not be able to go SS2, Goku and become Super Saiyan 3 has he shows later in the series as a kid, so they are just playing with him.) Trunks and Goku destroy Lude’s heart which releases the dolls. They are returned to normal and they get the dragon ball.

After that all happens, Pan ends up running away due to Trunks making remarks at her about how Goten would have been a better replacement for Pan on the trip. Doltucky is killed by one of Myuu’s henchman, Rirduo. He has been sent to capture Goku. While on the desert Planet, Guru finds Pan and they find another Dragonball. At this time, They desided to take Guru to his Home World of Planet-M2.

Now as far as the series goes, this would mark the end of the black-star dragon ball saga. At episode 15 now, which is short and as you can see nothing happens other than setting them up for the next saga which I think wasn’t done right. The Baby Saga was by far the best saga as it goes to the idea behind it. Here is my official final thought of the saga.

Which the saga starts off a little strong its crazy turn to a Dragonball style show is too much for fans who were wanting to see more action then even Dragonball Z had. While there was some funny points, and a few things that where really good. The idea of the Dragon Balls was good. Trust me it was added in, the back story of them was added in and never is seen or even talked about in Dragonball and DBZ. The fights are lame, which we don’t know this at first, but later Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan 3 while a kid, so the fights in this saga where just stupid as Goku, even Trunks could have taken care of them with little problem.

Karl Urban is Judge Dredd

Karl Urban is Judge Dredd

Well the news broke August 13 of this year and I must say I’m a bit shocked to hear this news. Karl Urban is a great action I think, I’ve liked most of the roles he’s been in. He was great in Star Trek and it totally has put him over with American viewers. My problem with this news is first off, he has taken some questionable roles that are a bit meh.. if you ask me. Like Path Finder for example. However I’ll just have to wait until the movie comes out or at least a trailer or something.

I’m not shocked they are trying to remake Judge Dredd, I mean he a comic book hero (if you want to call that being a hero) and today a lot of comic books are being done into movies and are coming out darker. Sometimes that’s not a good idea, like making Spiderman darker or something. Either way, I find that this is perfect to be done today, given what they can do if they really try to don’t face roll it like Dragonball was done.

I saw the Stallone’s version back in the day, personally it’s not a bad movie. It has all your classic things any action flick would have of the time, even by today’s standards. However I can see where it might not have ever followed the comics well. I don’t blame them however, it was one of those things at the time I never heard of, so the fact they did it back then really got me into the character. I’ve never read any issues of Judge Dredd, I only really know a few basic facts of the story base off Stallone’s version and what I read about it.

So I welcome this, if this remotely has the same overall feel as Stallone’s version, being I thought the outfit was great, and knowing they are going to leave his mask on the whole move and make it rated R and much darker in tone. I think they might have a sleeper hit on their hands. I say that because most people wont care about this and only good word of mouth will help this movie at least top 3rd on opening weekend. Depending on whats out that is, I wouldn’t be shocked to see it take at least first place and at least 50m+ opening weekend.