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As I’ve talked about already with Majin Planet of the Future, I’ve got a clear and direct plan on what I want to bring to the table here at Majin Planet. While it’s been a few days since I’ve written anything and I’ve been rather quiet on Twitter as well, I’m not disappearing and I know I need to do more updates so that those who support and follow Majin Planet and myself won’t be just be left in the dark. A clear direction takes time, effort and hard work to pull off.

Content wise, I’ve just finished watching Attack on Titan, the first season and I have a whole little discussion I want to do for that as well as other topics related to it. It was a fun week and that is partly why nothing was said since the last week. my goal is to bring things to a point where I can enjoy a week long watching a show like that, while still having content posted here every so often. Some might recall for a good while I was able to keep content posted daily on Hunter Mastery and that is something I’d like to have happen here. Maybe this month is the month to do that?

When I write these site updates, I almost feel like they are boring and not worth writing here because readers aren’t going to get any value out of it. Why should I ask you to join our mailing list or do anything if all you see are “we’re gonna do this” or “This is what we have planned” and you never see it?

Clear direction and the first subject that comes to mind is a little bit of what I talked about in the past but I simply never got around to doing it. That is teaching and showing people who they can also do something amazing. I have a small collection of Web Design topics which you’re more than welcome to check out and clearly if you’re not someone who runs a blog or wants too that content is useless to you.

But if you’re a gamer like me, I have some really good reviews of games, guides and that can help you in games like World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and Diablo 3. I also have play videos and discussion topics on Heroes of the Storm and other games.

I’ve come down to a list of things I want to cover here on Majin Planet:

  • Dragon Ball Super Episode Reviews
  • Movie Reviews (old and new)
  • Attack on Titan
  • Naruto
  • Anime Reviews (new and old)
  • Hearthstone Gameplay and Deck Guides
  • World of Warcraft Gold Making
  • Clash of Clans
  • Heroes of the Storm Gameplay

Now I feel that’s a good list of  different areas of content that I can cover that will apply to a good range of our readers, covering the major areas of content, Anime, Movies/TV, Gaming. Not everyone is going to care about Hearthstone or even WoW, but they might like Attack on Titan. I really would love to be able to write something on every subject everyday so that everyone is going to have something they enjoy reading.

However that isn’t going to be the case when I’m at the moment the solo writer, I have reached out to a number of people about joining and writing content, if those people decided to take my offer is still not known. Long those are subjects of health and weight loss, something I’m doing personally but not very good at putting into words. But this is why joining the mailing list is very important because you can find out what content we have weekly. If you find something that you enjoy you can check it out and clearly if not then you can email me or contact me and let me know about it.

Until Next Time.

Majin Vegeta

Majin Planet of the Future

Man I have to say, if you’re still checking out Majin Planet today, I’m sure you’ve been rubbing your head for the last month just wondering what the heck has been going on around here. Let me tell you something, I have a host of stuff I need to talk about and all of its boring site news, updates and overall direction Majin Planet is taking for the rest of 2015 and hopefully beyond. Basically if this sort of stuff is boring to you, then be sure to check out some of our older content, such as Dragon Ball content, Marvel Comics and our Music Videos. That being said, let’s get to the nuts and bolts of the changes.

Majin Planet’s Future

In a nut shell here is a list of some of the changes

  • No more Sidebars full of boring content
  • No more advertising banners, including Google or any other affiliate partner or banner.
  • Simple is more!
  • More White space!
  • More of what you care about, great content.
  • Focus on content pages.
  • Simple structured layout, less categories and better linking system.
  • Faster load times!
  • More focus on projects that matter!
  • Focus the discussion to social media, the forums, etc No more comment system.

Many of these changes came across from a simple idea that just maybe, the site was just coming full of bloat that honestly you as a reader likely don’t care about. The biggest change I think everyone will notice is the lack of the sidebar. I’ve gone full dark theme before and honestly I think it fits the website perfectly with the darker colors. I did have a white color code, some of you might have seen it, I settled on the dark color code.

No Advertising?

You might be asking, I’ve talked about on the live stream and on Twitter about going full-time with my website. This is something I still want to do, I still would like to make a living doing what I really enjoy doing, creating content for this website, talking about gaming, movies, TV, web design, heck you name it. I enjoy making Hearthstone and Warcraft videos and I’d hope to be making them for years to come.

So the question becomes without advertising on Majin Planet, how would I make that dream come true? Well there are other ways to make money, one nice thing I’m going to focus on is member only content, something that I can offer to you for free and sell. I’d rather create a project and sell it than having ads, such as my Webmaster Toolkit I’m currently offering. There is also affiliate links of products I can promote by creating content vs just having a button or some ad space hoping you or someone clicks and then buys it.

YouTube and Twitch.TV both show advertising by default no matter what my status is with them or how I set it up. It’s gonna be there, Twitch has a $4.99 monthly sub which as a streamer I’d get some of it every time someone subscribes to my content there. I believe once you get I want to say it’s 1,000 subscribers you get access to paid membership content and you get paid base on views of ads that are shown on you live streams and past videos, etc. YouTube does this already and those features I have right now.

It comes down to this, if you love my content, watch my YouTube videos, come join me when I stream, watch the past streams that are up, share, like, subscribe my content. You don’t have to spend any more. If you’d like to donate to me, you can do it that way or you can do the paid subscriptions that are open to me. Yes, there is the old donate button, which you can donate to me at [email protected] but remember that 100% of any money donate to me by PayPal I’m giving to charity. I haven’t figured out which ones yet.

No Comments?

You might noticed that all the comments are gone, there isn’t even a box anymore to comment, so you might wonder why you’d even both to join the blog if you can’t comment. The fact is, for the last 4 years that I’ve taken blogging more serious the comments I get have not be something to shake a stick at. Honestly, when I feel I write a really good post and I see after a week no comments, I question if readers can comment or not. I spend so much time making sure you can comment and doing things to get people to comment that I forgot the whole point, was to write content!

It also looks like the website is more dead, if you wanna comment on something I write, start a discussion, take it to YouTube, if it’s a video or on Twitter is the best place. By the way did you know I have a community called The Asylum? Sort of a dead bird right now, but in time… in time. I just feel that not having comments at all I can no worry about them.

Rest of the Boat

I didn’t want to spend the whole night writing about every change I wanted to make, the changes I have made and the site repairs that I need to make. This includes reuploading broken images, spell and grammar checking older content, redoing colors and layout. And creating new content for you, like I’ve talked about on Twitter, I’m gonna write a Gold Guide for Warcraft and I’m also going to write a free ebook about Majin Planet.

Overall, I feel that with the new focus I’ve taken the website, removing all the extra bloat that isn’t needed by removing a sidebar, like seriously I feel the website looks 100 times better now. True is, I want you to read the posts before I send you to another ones or something crazy like that. So take this all with what you want, but things are going to get more active and more about making a great website again. If there is a subject you want me to touch on, Twitter is your friend, I generally try to be on there everyday talking with fans and supports as well as friends. I’m slowly getting into using Facebook more and Google+ is linked to YouTube.

For the future, I’m going to hopefully tomorrow night stream all night long, likely gonna play Hearthstone and talk with fans, working on the website tonight was a big taking and I still have some major work to be done before I end off to bed for the day. I want to thank you if you’ve made it this far, it shows me you really care about Majin Planet and support me. Thank you, please link, share this on any social media you traffic, questions you can contact me or hit me up on social media.

Until Next time.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Footage

I’ve talk about the upcoming Dragon Ball Chou (Super), as “chou” (超) before and we now have a release date and our very first look at what the show is going to look like. The feeling of it appears it’ll be following the last Dragon Ball film, so expect that there will be some storyline dealing with the other gods as was said at the end of Dragon Ball Battle of Gods. I do feel now that Battle of Gods and the last one Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’.

I know some fans I’ve spoken with have worried about the saiyans just being too powerful now. At the end of Dragon Ball Z, as this anime is going to take place between the last two episodes of Dragon Ball Z, as do the movies. So all of these are going to lead up to the final tournament at the end of Z where Goku takes Uub. The biggest wonder I have right now about Super, is, while this anime might only go one season, 26 episodes, will it pay off enough to have another season and if so how much will the content affect the last episode of Dragon Ball Z?

Another worry I have is the creator of Dragon Ball Akira Toriyama might forget about Uub at some point and they might even go past the point of the last episode of Dragon Ball. Remember that in the last episode, it’s like 10 years later from the episode that Buu was defeated. As Goten is 7 and Trunks is 8, making them both 17 and 18. We also have the comment by Bulma that they haven’t seen Goku in 5 years. Which means base on that line, nothing really has happened on Earth for at least 5 years in that 10 year mark. Which means for the most part Super will taken place in that first 5 years.

I don’t know how much time past between that final episode where Buu was destroyed and Battle of Gods. Either way, no matter what they end up doing, they could also say that the ending of Dragon Ball Z never happened or like what will likely happen with GT it was another universe as they spoke about alternate universes in the end f Battle of Gods. I feel we might see some of that in Super as well. I’m also thinking about something else too, this is a prime time for them to bring back Future Trunks into the anime, perhaps other then things happening on Earth, they have to travel to alternate universe with Trunks to save time. But we’ll see how things go with it, be sure to leave a comment on what you think Super will be about, do you think Future Trunks will show up again, maybe even revealing Super Saiyan 3?


New to Hearthstone?

I was chatting with a co-worker last night about gaming, card games to the point, in that discussion he revealed that he started playing Hearthstone and asked me about it because he had noticed me playing it on my phone on my break. So I told him a few things and it got me thinking. Besides a bunch of deck lists and guides to play them, there isn’t a whole lot out there in terms of guides to anything for someone who is totally new. Many of the deck lists you’ll find out there are for people who have cards, and I mean legendary cards. Let’s face it, you can build a pretty good deck with just basic cards but it’s not a great deck until you have some legendary cards.

Now there are some guides out there, videos on YouTube and what not on how to build budget decks. They do exist, I’m not saying they aren’t out there but they generally aren’t easy to find. The biggest ideal of Hearthstone I think many players over look is farming gold for packs. Now there are two ways you can farm packs, I’ll go into how you can do this, the fast way of doing it and what you can do if you have no legendary cards and all you have are a few free packs you pick up by leveling and the basic cards. I’m talking about you don’t even have access to the Naxx or Blackrock cards either.

Farming in Hearthstone

474An idea not too many talk about, and I’ll be honest it can be one of the worth things you can do in the game in terms of fun. There are a number of ways you can do it. Honestly the best way to earn gold is doing your daily quests. I’ve found that the best thing to do is start off when you have three quests. If you have any class quests, for example win X games with Class A or B. If the reward is 40 gold you can once each day dismiss a quest and get a new one. You want to drop any one that has a class you either don’t have leveled to 10 or not very good at playing or don’t care for.

There is no point in doing the quest that’s say Druid or Hunter if you don’t have either to level 10. You’ll be missing basic cards so winning games will be very hard. While there are daily quests, there are also hidden quests that you gain by doing actions in Hearthstone, below is the list of Daily Quests you can have. You will only be able to do three a day, and the way they work in gaining them seem to be buggy.

First you can by the design of the game only get one new daily quest per day. So if you have none, you get only one. However, if you have three already on the reset then you simply lose it. Or so it seems. What I’ve found if you let your daily quest sit there everyday for say a week, if you do all your quests in one day, the following day on the reset you get three new ones. Sometimes not, I found it I do two every day, I always get two new ones. I don’t know if this happens for me because I went months in beta without playing or even another 3-4 months hardly playing after release. No one really knows, but as a new player, you’ll get at least one new one everyday.

Here is a full list of every quest in the game currently:

Name Requirements Reward
[class #1] or [class #2] Victory Win 2 games with [class #1] or [class #2]. 40 gold
[class #1] or [class #2] Dominance Win 5 games with [class #1] or [class #2]. 60 gold
Destroy them All Destroy 40 minions. 40 gold
Only the Mighty Play 20 minions that cost 5 or more. 40 gold
The Meek Shall Inherit Play 30 minions that cost 2 or less. 40 gold
Spell Master Play 40 spells. 40 gold
Beat Down Deal 100 damage to enemy heroes. 40 gold
Total Dominance Win 7 games in any mode. 100 gold
3 Victories! Win 3 games with any class. 40 gold
Watch and Learn! Watch a friend win in spectator mode Classic card pack

As you can see from the list the only quest you really want to drop are the 40 gold Victory in the hopes of getting the 60 gold or 100 gold upgraded. The other quests are rather easy to get. The Watch and Learn quest requires you to have friends. If you have no Battle.Net friends or simple don’t want any, you can simple drop it, but it’s a free pack and for new players this is key to farming. After all the idea here is to farm gold to get free packs.

As I said before along with the daily quests there are also hidden quests. These quests are given to you when you reach milestones in the game or do an action. There is no way in the game to track them, however thanks to many players we now have a good list of them. Blizzard I’m sure will keep adding new ones as the game get older, we can only hope so. I should remind you that these quest are unique quests and can only be earned once.

Name Requirements Reward
Win 5 Practice Games Win 5 Games in Practice Mode. 1 Classic card pack
First Blood Complete a game in Play mode. 1 Classic card pack
The Duelist Play 3 games in Play mode. 100 gold
Level Up Get any class to level 10. 1 Classic card pack
Crafting Time Disenchant a card. 95 arcane dust
Enter The Arena Enter The Arena. 1 Arena credit
Mount Up! Win 3 games in Arena or Play mode.
A special reward for your third win! Log in to World of Warcraft to claim it!
“Hearthsteed” World of Warcraft mount
Arrrrrr!!! Acquire every Pirate [from the Classic set].[6] 2x Captain’s Parrot
Golden Arrrrrr!!! Acquire every Golden Pirate [from the Classic set].[6] 2x Captain’s Parrot (golden)
Mrglglglgl! Acquire every Murloc [from the Classic set].[6] Old Murk-Eye
Golden Mrglglglgl! Acquire every Golden Murloc [from the Classic set].[6] Old Murk-Eye (golden)
Chicken Dinner Win 100 games in any mode. 300 gold
Big Winner Win 1000 games in any mode. 300 gold
Easy Rider A reward for your 100th win in Play Mode. Log in to Heroes of the Storm to claim it! Hearthstone card back mount in Heroes of the Storm
Ready to Go! Unlock every Hero. 100 gold
Crushed Them All! Defeat every Expert AI Hero. 100 gold
Got the Basics! Collect every card in the Basic Set. 100 gold
One of Everything! Collect every card in the Classic Set. Only one of each card is required, and may be golden or non-golden. 100 gold
You are Legend Reach Legend rank in Ranked Play mode.
Welcome to the Hearthstone Elite! Show it off with your Legendary Card Back!
“Legends” card back
Golden Malfurion Stormrage Win 500 Ranked games with Malfurion Stormrage. Golden hero portrait
Golden Rexxar Win 500 Ranked games with Rexxar. Golden hero portrait
Golden Jaina Proudmoore Win 500 Ranked games with Jaina Proudmoore. Golden hero portrait
Golden Uther Lightbringer Win 500 Ranked games with Uther Lightbringer. Golden hero portrait
Golden Anduin Wrynn Win 500 Ranked games with Anduin Wrynn. Golden hero portrait
Golden Valeera Sanguinar Win 500 Ranked games with Valeera Sanguinar. Golden hero portrait
Golden Thrall Win 500 Ranked games with Thrall. Golden hero portrait
Golden Gul’dan Win 500 Ranked games with Gul’dan. Golden hero portrait
Golden Garrosh Hellscream Win 500 Ranked games with Garrosh Hellscream. Golden hero portrait

Again not all of them will give you gold, the only ones that you can track in the game are Golden Hero portrait as you gain them by winning in Rank mode. There are other ways to get packs, which I’ll go into with another guide later, for right now these are the only quests you need to know about. But take note there are limited quests where you can earn free packs by playing on different devices and promotional deals, for example if you head out to your local retail store and buy the Heroes of the Storm Starter Pack, it comes with a redeem code for one free pack. Keep in mind those free card codes are limited to 5 per account. So you can’t keep getting and using them once you hit 5.

The Farming Process

14457Now that you know the daily quests and hidden quests you can earn, the game has a build in gold progression, every three wins per class you get 10 gold. So to get 100 gold for one pack means you need to win 30 games to earn 100 gold. That is a whole lot of games and the kicker is you can only earn 100 gold per day this way. So everyday you can only earn 100 gold, meaning you can only get 7 packs per week using this method alone. The gold is also capped at 20,000 gold so once you reach this cap you can’t earn any more gold until you spend some.

The best way to earn packs in the game is Arena run. Arena will require a whole guide of it’s own, but the basic idea is you spend 150 gold to build a deck of random cards. For each win you get you get more and more rewards. You are going to get 1 pack no matter what plus some gold and dust or a gold card. In the worst Arena run, where you lose three games for 150 Gold each pack will cost you about 110 gold each, because you generally only get 30-40 gold return in that case. In order to get value you need to win at least 7 games to get your 150 gold back for another run.

For a new player, you want to follow the farming steps in rank mode to get the 150 gold first. You can earn this in about an hour doing 30 wins getting 100 gold plus one or two daily quests. The best and fastest way is playing aggro, either Face Hunter, Zoo Lock or Warrior, because those classes have the best value class cards where you can deal alot of damage quickly. Playing Face Hunter you can drop someones life down to about 15 in 4 turns if you get the right hand. By the turn you would have 6 mana if you have not won the game or have the game won in the next two turns, generally just concede the game and move on. You don’t want to waste time playing out a long game like that, playing aggro means you want to win quickly, as such that is one of the game reasons there are so many aggro decks in rank. You have people following this method of farming and also they are farming for their golden hero or trying to move up the rank quickly.

Overall the farming process of gold and packs in game can take a whole lot of time and energy due to the limits the game holds. If you really want to get some good cards quickly, you can spend about $120 on classic packs, there are some pretty good lists out there on what cards to disenchant to get more dust as well as a list for what legendary cards you should craft first.

14454Finally simply had some fun, the game is about fun and if you get super stressed out over not having enough packs, you need to think about why your playing. If your playing because you want to go pro or reach legend in rank you have to face the fact if your new to the game with limited cards you have to either spend real life money to spend  a few months farming. I collected a good collection of cards in about three months spending no month at all. I finished it off a few months ago by spending about $150 or so. This wasn’t including Naxx or Blackrock (About $40 for both) which I highly recommend you get unlock and collect the cards as many of those cards are very stable cards in many decks.

My hope is that now that Hearthstone is an older game now that they will put in better rewards for new players to help them get up to speed. Nothing is worth then trying a new game out and not having any fun because you don’t have good cards and lose all the time. I plan on making a deck that uses very basic cards with nothing above common and see how far I can go in rank mode. I’ll likely do in the next season of July 2015. If you have any questions or need help with your decks feel free to leave me a comment down below and I’d be happy to help out. Hope this guide help you understand the farming process and hold to get gold in Hearthstone, Until next time, take care.