Olivia Munn as Psylocke

Alright if anyone has ever watched my Top 20 Sexiest Comic Book Females then you will know that I put Psylocke at the top, if you haven't seen it my video yet you can still watch and enjoy it, there are a lot of sexy comic book babes to check out. That being said, I have a number of reasons why I think Psylocke is one fine lady, she is very smart, powerful and strong. Pretty much can take down almost any other male and female super hero. That … [Read more...]


Opening 50 Packs of The Grand Tournament

So the Grand Tournament has come and we're all going about trying to get the best cards and figure out what the best cards are so we can get them.  Well most of us pre-ordered 50 packs and got our card back to boot, like them I went ahead and recorded my pack opening, I did this off stream so the video has cuts from when I had to walk away to take care of a few things. Family comes first, I want my readers to know that with any game, you should … [Read more...]


Get Hearthstone Galaxy S6 Card Back & Packs

Okay so I'm like what a month late on this one? But either way I thought for those of you who still haven't done this, you should do this. I've myself done this on my phone which was a Galaxy S4. The promotion while there has been much debate on giving things away and not making it equally accessible to every player. For example, in this promotion, you have to basically login to Hearthstone on a Galaxy S6 and you'll earn 3 free packs and a card … [Read more...]


The Grand Tournament

I'd have to say that I'm really thrilled about the latest Hearthstone packs called The Grand Tournament. This is a 132 card set that will feature a ton of new cards and card features. Many of these new cards like many of the hunter class cards slow the game down. I believe it was Blizzard's goal with The Grand Tournament to slow the games down and make aggro decks weaker against control decks. Right now in the meta aggro decks simple destroy many … [Read more...]

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Animation Issues

I personally don't find it too much of an issue, many times when I do watch online anime, illegally by the law if you would, as I live in the United States and right now there is no official English dub version of Dragon Ball Super and likely will be a while before we get one. So let's be real here, from what I've been reading on some forums, chat rooms, videos, etc that some fans are upset at how weak and poor the value of the animation has … [Read more...]


Fastest Win Ever in Hearthstone

It's been a long time since I've put out a video, sorry for the inactivity here, so much has happened in my life the last few months. I'm gonna work on putting out more videos. Today's video is a funny, this is the fastest win I've ever had in Hearthstone, enjoy. I really hope you enjoy this video, I really am going to try to put out some good content on YouTube in the coming weeks, so please … [Read more...]


Wildstar – Free to Play

Not a game I really talk about too much, but I did give Wildstar a try some months ago and to be honest it was a little too much like Warcraft for me. I just couldn't really get into it, I played it for a little bit, did a live stream on it and I never touched it again. Sadly I feel it's a good game, but I feel for me Warcraft will always be my top game just because I played the RTS versions first for so many years before I even jump into WoW … [Read more...]


Fantastic Four (2015)

So I don't think I've ever talked much about the Fantastic Four before, I did write a review about the first film back in 2005. I remember not minding the first film, it was horrible for comic book films but it was nothing compared to this. That's about as far as I've ever gotten to discussing it. Now we're in the golden age of comic book films now, even DC has jump on and I think, just maybe Superman v Batman will do well, maybe not as well as a … [Read more...]


Civil War is Coming

I'll be honest, this post has been sort of seating in my Que to write for about a month now, if not longer. I think I started to write it the moment Civil War was announced but never got around to really talking about it. I'm not sure if' I just don't care as much as I wish I did or if I'm just sore of burned out on Marvel films in general. Let's step back and hold the fandom back for a moment. Let's be down right honest about this. Marvel films … [Read more...]


Gahz’rlla’s House Update – Hearthstone Hunter Deck

One of my all time favorite hunter decks to play is my Gahz’rlla’s House deck, I wrote up a full guide for how to play the deck here. I wrote a full guide for the deck back in April earlier this year, the deck is rather awesome at the time, but as the meta chance I found myself losing more than winning. I almost gave up on the deck; however I tested and tested different versions until I came long a perfect balance of cards to get a good solid … [Read more...]

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